April 2023

RYBL Coaching Call

RYBL Open Coaching call topics: New Chat Group Function on the web site; Member Coaching on mindset – prepping for her 13th Half marathon; mental mindset work

April 2023 Webinar: Managing stress while training with Elizabeth Sherman

This month’s webinar is led by guest host, Elizabeth Sherman, a health coach for women in peri-menopause and menopause. The webinar focus is on how to manage stress and taking care of yourself while training. Please download this following supporting material: 8 Basic Things Every Healthy Person Does 8 Basic Habits Checklist

RYBL Coaching Call

Coaching Call Topics: Your brain will get tired long before your body; Ways to fight fatigue

New Member Call

Learn all about how to get started in the RYBL membership!

RYBL Beginner Training Call

Beginner call topics: Where to start on the website if you’re a new runner, Why it’s important to use a timer, Accessing the Runkeeper tutorial, The best time to do dynamic stretching, How to figure out your intervals, How to position yourself if you’re doing intervals in a race

RYBL Coaching Call

Coaching call topics: Races with no time limits; Best half-marathon tips: Doing your research and fueling