July 2023

RYBL Coaching Call

Call topics include: Tips for hydration in the heat; Reminders on body confidence course and survey.

RYBL Half/Full/Ultra Call

Call topics include: Using talk tests to measure RPE; How to decide when you are ready to try a new distance. – Also, at around 5:26 p.m., Tanja said after finishing a 100K, “…everything after that seems like, “OK, HOW do I do this? rather than “Can I do this?“”

RYBL 5K/10K Training Call

Call topics include: Body scan/discomfort scale, What to do about knee pain, How to transition from up & running to 5K program

RYBL Coaching Call

Call topics include: Your exercise and running time: Indulgence or investment? Kathrine Switzer’s book Running & Walking for Women Over 40.

RYBL Beginner Training Call

Call Topics include: Beginner’s mindset, Jenny struggling to get faster (and feeling bad about it), Linsday overtraining leading to back pain, Jen feeling like she’s behind everyone

RYBL Coaching Call

Coaching call topics: Tanja getting back into running but concerned about pushing her pace in speed work because of prior injuries; Sarah monitoring her pace for an upcoming goal marathon.