June 2023

RYBL Half/Full/Ultra Call

Call topics include: Half marathon training plan; Time trials; Feelings work; Runners mindset; Habit forming

RYBL 5K/10K Training Call

Call topics include: Julie’s training for upcoming 10K road and 12.5 trail race; Kathryn’s first 5K, Building community with other runners, and How Jill’s mindset advice continues to help her.

RYBL Coaching Call

Call topics: Mindset, Self Coaching, Motivation, Changing your thoughts/feelings, June Challenge

RYBl Coaching Call

Coaching call topics: Megan’s upcoming 5K; Bridging 5K training to 10K.

RYBL Coaching Call

Coaching call topics include: Self Coaching Model, Tanja gets coached on the model, June challenge

RYBL Beginner Training Call

Call topics include: How to do the June challenge, Shoe fittings, Is it normal for running to be harder at certain points in your monthly cycle?, How to fit in the BODI workout with running.

RYBL Coaching Call

Coaching Call Topics: Finding your best run/walk interval, How to increase your walking pace, Wins for the week, Global running day