March 2023

RYBL Coaching Call

Coaching Topics included: post-Dopey foot pain that won’t go away, where to start in RYBL when you’re new, is running fun, how to start again after a few weeks off, finishing off training for a 5K in 3 weeks

RYBL Half/Full/Ultra Training Call

Half/Full/Ultra training call topics include: Big hike before half-marathon race; Talking through choices for distance running training; Don’t try to make up for lost time when you miss a few workouts

RYBL Open Coaching Call

Open coaching call topics included: self care for the mind, 2 questions to ask yourself daily, how to use the minimum baseline

RYBL Coaching Call with Jen

Open Coaching call topics included: Self Care; we do an example of reverse engineering the thought model; We talk about sleep and the importance of going to the doctor; Robyn gets coached on overtraining, we talk strategies for that and for plantars fasciitis

RYBL Open Coaching Call with Elle Dee

Open coaching call include these topics: Jill’s 3 non-negotiable self-care areas for runners: sleep, strength training, and stretching; deciding between longer and more moderate marathon training programs for Disney Marathon Weekend

RYBL Open Coaching Call

Topics included: self-care-are you spending energy to please people who don’t care; self-care goals; what to do when you want to quit during a race.