Up & Running - for MEMBERS

The Starting Line

It’s go time, ! In this lesson, we are setting you up for success. Watch the video below for all the instructions, then print out your Progress Tracker and Start Line workbook! On your mark, get set, GO!

Pillar 1

This week you’ll learn the fundamentals of running, including form, pacing, breathing, and run/walk intervals. Make sure to watch all the videos (they’re short) and download your Pillar 1 workbook. Use the journal and progress tracker you printed from The Starting Line to help you keep track of what you did this week.

Pillar 2

This week you’ll learn the basics of mind management. Your mind is your strongest running muscle, and in order to become a consistent runner, it’s important to create a mindset that will keep you focused, determined and motivated. Make sure to watch the video, download the Pillar 2 workbook & do the exercises, and continue …

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Pillar 3

This week you’ll learn basic strength training techniques to help you stay strong, flexible and injury-free. Make sure to watch all the videos and download your Pillar 3 workbook, which includes your strength training tracker.

Pillar 4

This week you’ll take the mind-management skills you’ve been practicing and learn how to create motivation for yourself! Make sure to watch the video and print out your Pillar 4 workbook, which contains important exercises to help you work on your motivation and consistency.