Body Confidence

Week 4: Body Confidence

Putting it All Together We’ve spent the first two weeks of this month digging into what you currently think about yourself and where those thoughts may have come from, and last week you began to question some of those beliefs and thoughts and look towards what you might want to start thinking about yourself instead.  […]

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Week 3: Body Confidence

Your body image target Last week you identified the thoughts about your body – positive, negative and neutral – that make up your body image.  This week you’ll evaluate them and decide if there’s anything different you want to believe. There’s no need to go from ‘I hate my body’ to ‘I love every single

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Week 2: Body Confidence

Welcome to Week 2 of the Body Confidence Class! Have you ever noticed how one day you can look in the mirror and love what you see, and the next day (or maybe even just a few hours later), you feel totally different? Even though nothing has changed? That’s because the circumstances of your body

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Week 1: Body Confidence

Welcome to the Body Confidence class! In this class, we’re going to talk about body confidence and body image: what they are, where they come from, and how they impact your life and running. There will be 4 lessons: What is body confidence Your body image baseline Your body image target Putting it all together

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Body Confidence Class

  Below you’ll find all the video recordings, links, and downloads you need to make the most of the Body Confidence class! If you have questions about body image or want to connect with your fellow classmates, be sure to check out the Circle conversation in Start Line Sunday! Click here to join the conversation

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